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My blog on self-development and emotional health

Month / February 2014


Ah shit. Fuck. I’m so sorry. Is it your first time? Then I really have nothing to say. Your world has stopped spinning, or at least had had its revolving speed dramatically reduced. You’re going to feel unbearably alone and empty, despite your many supportive friends. You’re going to wake up and wish that this wasn’t real, that this was all a dream. You’re going to wish you had the power to go back in time and change things, but you can’t.

It’s going to suck, and suck bad for the foreseeable future. I’m sorry, nothing can change that. But I’m going to try my best to comfort you, just a little bit for now, until you’re ready for more, okay? So just lie back, read, and digest this slowly.

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Valentine’s day is around the corner again, and maybe you feel that familiar gut-wrenching anxiety. “Oh shit, is it that time of the year again?” you ask, as you scramble to make plans, anything to seem like you didn’t shut yourself in like some loveless hermit. Maybe you make it a point to go out, to protest what the day stands for and to assert your rightful place as a proud, single person. Maybe you log on to Facebook and Twitter, posting status updates on how dumb couples are for wasting their money on Valentine’s day and succumbing to social pressures. Or maybe you simply stay home with a bottle of booze and binge through 8 seasons of your favourite TV show, waiting for the Lovepocalypse to end.

Whatever you do, do it, but don’t feel sorry for yourself.

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