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Month / March 2015


One of the things that went viral a couple of weeks ago was this clip of Lebanese TV host Rima Karaki cutting off this Islamist guest who was rude to her on her show. If you didn’t watch the clip, he basically rambles on in his answer during a live interview, going into needless historical accounts and rhetoric. He starts losing his shit when Karaki tells him they have limited time and that he needs to stick to the present, at which point he tells her to shut up. He comments that he’ll do whatever he wants, and says “this interview is beneath me,” at which point Karaki says to him,

“Just one second. Either there is mutual respect, or the conversation is over.”

…before promptly cutting him off.

Karaki is interviewed after the show where she explained why she rebuked him (as if that really needed an explanation) and she said this –

“Had I not answered, I would have hated myself, and I don’t want to hate myself.”

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Pak Din hobbled through the empty street in the darkness, his path lit only by the pale glow of the half-moon. In his arms was a little girl, barely ten, dressed in a pink baju kurung, its left sleeve torn away. Her head and limbs hung limp over his shoulder, a bleeding wound agape on her left arm.

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