10th August, 21:00 (I think).

My best guess would be that I was abducted on the evening of 9th August 2016, sometime around 9pm. I have no way of being sure.

I was in the changing room of my regular gym, having just finished my workout. As I took off my shoes, a sudden, sharp sting pierced my lower back. I cursed out in pain, thinking some insect had stung me. Turning round to inspect it, I saw a suited masked man instead, holding what looked like a gun in his hands.

It was the last thing I saw before passing out.

I woke up in a strange room a long time later. I know it was long because my muscles ached, not the kind you get from strenuous activity, but from being prone too long.

I was still drugged out from the effects of the sedative – my eyes had trouble adjusting to the lights and my mouth was so dry that my tongue kept sticking to the insides of my cotton-mouth. The last time I experienced this was when I took some Ambien and slept for 10 straight hours. Whatever this was, it was much stronger. The sense of fatigue was overwhelming.

Instinctively I felt around my pockets – empty.

Of course it was. My phone and wallet had been in my gym bag, which wasn’t here.

‘Here’ was a single bed in a small room, the only other furniture being a closet, a small desk, and a chair. On the desk was a journal and a pen, which I’m currently documenting this with. In the closet, a towel, two plain blue t-shirts and two slacks, all exactly my size.

Crawling out of bed, I shuffled out of the room and found myself in a brightly lit hallway, the walls made out of plain, white-washed concrete, like the interior of some minimalist studio guesthouse or office. There were three doors on both sides of the hallway. Each door was numbered from 1 to 5, except for the last door which was unmarked. My door was number 1.

“Hello?” I called out. “Anyone here?”


I knocked on door number 2, listening for something, anything. More silence. I knew it was empty even before I entered. Hell, I knew all of them were empty.

Doors 1 – 5 were rooms identical to mine, without the journal and the clothes. The sixth door was the toilet and shower – no toiletries.

At the end of the hallway was the kitchen, and adjacent to it was the dining area. The entire area looked bare and unlived in. Kitchen counter, cabinet, sink, fridge, convection cooker, microwave. Two full packs of Indomie brand instant noodles, 10 packets in all. Running water.

Inside the cabinet I found a kettle, a small cooking pot, and five sets of plastic cups, plates, and utensils. There weren’t any cutting knives, or anything I could use as a weapon.

The dining table seated six people, but only had five chairs. On the wall was a digital clock, which read 15:12. No date. If correct, it means I was passed out for at least 18 hours, maybe more.

I took a plastic cup, filled it with water, and frantically guzzled the contents down. I drank another one. And another. Glorious fucking H2O. On my fourth or fifth cup, I finally sat down and drank slowly, inspecting my surroundings.

Then I saw it. On the corner of the ceiling, a black dome, in full view of the kitchen and dining area. A security camera.

I got up slowly and backed into the hallway. Another one, in the middle, overlooking the entrances to the rooms.

I walked to the other end of the hallway, my eyes glued to the ceiling. Sure enough – the third security camera.

I was being watched. Like a rat in a maze.

Taking deep breaths, I calmed down and ignored the camera for the moment. There wasn’t anything I could do about it now anyway.

On this side of the hallway was an elevator, and a computer. My first instinct was to try the elevator, but there was no call button, or anything around the doors. I tried prying the door apart, but couldn’t even manage a gap – it was shut tight, sturdier than the average commercial lifts.

On the other end of the room was a computer. Or more accurately, a flatscreen, a keyboard, and a mouse on a desk, with wires behind it that ran into the wall. The actual processing unit wasn’t here.

I sat down and pressed the power button on the monitor. It opened instantly. No startup phase, just a login screen which asked for a username and password. I’d never seen the interface before.

My first thought was to try a generic user and pass.

User: admin
Password: admin.

No dice.

User: admin
Password: 1234


User: admin
Password: 4321


I tried every other generic username and passwords I could think of before slumping back into the seat. This was pointless. It could be anything.

A shot-in-the-dark attempt, I typed in my default username and password which I used for my e-mail.


What the fuck.

I’d never shared my password with anyone, not even my ex. How was it here? Was this some sort of portal site to my email?


No email. Just a plain chat screen with the dialogue box at the bottom.


EXPERIMENTER85: Hello Khairie.
KHAIRIE1: Who is this?

No answer.


Nothing. Empty plain screen.

Fuck this guy. I was about to close the window and try to access another programme, before he replied.

EXPERIMENTER85: Don’t finish the food. The others are coming.
EXPERIMENTER85 has logged off.